"…though in no way altered, sight in you will be pure wonder. Then, seeing ordinary things in the ordinary way you had always seen them, sight in you will be more visionary than vision." -John Moriarty ‘Ollamh Fodhla‘

Rooted in the indigenous and shamanic wisdom tradition of the ancient Celtic and Pre-Celtic cultures of Europe, druidry is a living and dynamic path for the world of today. As a spiritual philosophy and practice, it is a “technique of ecstasy” that can help heal the fragmented soul of the modern world in regards to self, other, and nature.


The Silver Branch Grove practices a contemporary druidry as a way of approaching the deeper mysteries of life and engaging the challenges of our industrialized culture. This is an engaged nature-based path informed by a deep love of the natural world and a strong desire to actively, consciously participate in our connection to Nature, the earth, our home.

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Three dwellings of wisdom: poetry world, natural world, otherworld.