The Silver Branch is an OBOD Grove in West Michigan

IawenDSnformation about the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD) taken from ~

The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids is a worldwide group dedicated to practising, teaching, and developing Druidry as a valuable and inspiring spirituality. … The Order is essentially a Mystery School, and the term ‘order’ is derived from the tradition of magical orders rather than from the tradition of religious orders. Neither the Order nor Druidry is a cult. A cult revolves around a personality, a charismatic leader, or a particular deity or saint. The Order and Druidry have none of these characteristics. … Membership of the Order is open to followers of all faiths and none, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnic origin, and there are currently over fifteen thousand members in fifty countries. … “  (to read more, click the above link)

There are two types of local groups of the OBOD – the Seed Group and the Grove:

A Seed Group can be started by anyone in the order, with the aim of providing a community space for other members to meet and discuss Druidry and other topics of interest, meditate together, or to celebrate the festivals of the eightfold path of the year.

A Grove is a group, led by at least two members who have been initiated into the OBOD Druid grade, that meets regularly, celebrates the eight festivals, may perform initiation rituals and organize gatherings for each of the three OBOD grades (Bard, Ovate, and Druid), and might also arrange other activities such as druidic retreats, workshops and camps.

With two members initiated into the Druid grade of the OBOD, The Silver Branch is a Grove, and hopes to provide a community space for druidic practitioners in west Michigan. As a local Grove of the OBOD, we gather regularly for the eight festivals and offer initiation rituals into the three grades of the OBOD. From time to time we also host other events and gatherings. We do not offer training or attempt to replace your mentor in the OBOD course.  Membership in the Silver Branch Grove is informal and does not constitute membership in the OBOD.

Since the OBOD training program is that of a mystery school, we have decided to set apart private meetings, different from the public meetings in that only members of the OBOD should attend.  This is not to be exclusive towards anyone, but to give us a chance to engage with one another more deeply on the specifics of the OBOD course.