We are interested in keeping things simple – there is no formal membership process for either of the membership types – you decide if and for how long you wish to be a member.  Everyone can come in freedom and leave in freedom as they choose.  Membership in the Silver Branch is possible in two ways:

Full Membership

To become a full member of the Silver Branch grove, it is necessary to be a member of the OBOD and currently active in the Order’s training program.

The management of the Silver Branch is democratic, with full members having full voting rights.  There is no hierarchical organization; all full members are asked, but not required, to share as they are able in the financial and physical workload of managing the group and arranging meetings and events.

‘Friend’ Membership

If you are not a member of the OBOD but wish to be involved in the Silver Branch community, you are more than welcome to become a ‘friend’ of the grove. Participation in all public grove events are open to friends of the grove except those pertaining to OBOD specific activities such as course study and rituals (unless explicitly stated).

Membership Fees

There are none; both forms of membership are without membership dues.  Donations are certainly welcome if you wish to support us in current or future events and projects.  Also, most meetings and events are free of charge, but we may from time to time arrange events that will require an admission fee.

There are also expectations for both membership types – treat everyone with respect.  Though not expected to be necessary, the Silver Branch reserves the right to deny, reject, or revoke membership and participation to anyone.