Druidry and Shamanism


On a very broad understanding, Druidry can be defined as the indigenous wisdom tradition of the ancient Celtic and Pre-Celtic cultures of Europe.  Taking nourishment from these ancient roots, Druidry is still a living and dynamic path for the world of today.  Arising from within the deep pool of Celtic wisdom and mythological traditions, Druidry is an engaged nature-based path informed by a deep love of the natural world and a strong desire to actively, consciously participate in our connection to Nature, the earth, our home.

Druidry is a transformative and an inherently shamanic “technique of ecstasy” that can help heal the fragmented soul of the modern world in regards to self, other, and especially nature. Remaining true to its heritage as a wisdom tradition, contemporary Druidry is also a way of approaching the deeper mysteries of life. It can be practiced as a religion, spirituality, or a philosophy and a way of life. One of the most beautiful aspects of contemporary Druidry in our age of cultural and religious pluralism is the welcoming and open attitude it has toward other traditions. Most druids are shamanic and there are also Christian and Buddhist druids. As a philosophy and way of life, Druidry is open to all who seek a deeper experience of life and a more intimate relationship to the natural world.

There is a wealth of information about Druidry on the OBOD website and on the wider internet, so the information here is only a brief overview.  The links in the right column and the videos below are some of the resources we have found to be the most representative, and we strongly encourage you to browse these resources to find out more about Druidry.  If what you find stirs you, calls you to engage in more depth, we would love to meet you and, should you so choose, welcome you to the Silver Branch community.

The Seven Gifts of Druidry:


Watch Philip Carr-Gomm, chosen chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, talk about Druidry and the OBOD: