Inhabiting Ensouled Worlds

Druidry is a nature-based spirituality and philosophy that celebrates the grand ecology of ensouled worlds. This means becoming indigenous to Nature and allowing Nature to become indigenous to us in a reciprocal inhabiting of the fullness of presence. As such, an essential aspect of our Druidic practice is the caring for and renewal of the human-nature reciprocal ecology in the ensouled world.

The creation and tending of the awareness of the sacred in nature is a spiritual practice that transforms and empowers attitudes toward nature. It expresses our inherent enchantment with nature, and broadens the propensity for awareness of the grand ecology on a wider scale. Nurturing an ongoing broadening of awareness and sacred immersion into the grand ecology benefits both the practitioner and nature.

056bgWendell Berry said that “as a people, we have lost sight of the profound communion-even the union-of the inner with the outer life.” The regaining of this sight, or the transforming of the perception of place as being something that surrounds us to being something we are a part of, is what is meant by becoming indigenous to Nature. It is a conscious intention of becoming aware of the unity of Self and world, and through that an inhabiting of nature, adding to the numinosity of experience and of nature and deepening our indigenous belonging to the ensouled world.


A Druid Tree Meditation

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Three reconciliations of mind and nature: awareness, acceptance, true heritage.